Servo Hydraulic Solutions is a forward-thinking global, highly interactive company that takes pride in our ability to attract and retain a staff of Engineers, technicians, and consultants who innovate solutions to tough problems.

Servo Hydraulic Solutions allows custom design earthquake simulators, vibration testing systems, shake tables and motion platforms. We will not force you into a standard product. We listen to your specific needs and craft a solution to meet those requirements.

No project is too small, no problem is too challenging. We will always arrive at the optimal solution.

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High performance, cost effective, scalable hydraulic power supplies.

The Servo Hydraulic Solutions Open Frame style Hydraulic Power supplies are laboratory quality pumps designed to meet the exacting requirements of Servo Hydraulic Control Systems. These power supplies utilize quality components and micro-clean filtration to provide trouble-free long life with minimum maintenance. A complete system of interlocks and controls allow failsafe unattended continuous operation. These units require a pump room to prevent noise from entering the test cell. They are the perfect match for installations that need one centralized system that provides oil for a large laboratory, or for many stations.

Rugged and serviceable motor pump units are coupled to a common oversized stainless steel reservoir. The hydraulic pump is mounted with a bell housing which provides the pump with perfect alignment and facilitates replacement. Pump drive is from a face mounted, fully-enclosed, fan-cooled electric motor coupled directly via a flexible drive coupling with replaceable insert spider. The pump drive speed is 1800 RPM at 60 Hz (1500 RPM at 50 Hz).

System oil is stored in an oversized stainless steel reservoir, which contains baffling and return line diffusers to allow dissipation of entrained air. The reservoir has a full-size removable top for unrestricted access and clean-out.

The hydraulic control components are incorporated in a machined manifold block, which is mounted on the perimeter of the unit. This manifold serves to provide the hydraulic interface from the pump and reservoir to the test system- be it an earthquake simulator, vibration testing system, motion platform or shake table.

Special Areas of Expertise

  • We are innovative-willing to look at new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • We approach installing shake tables, earthquake simulators, motion platforms and vibration testing systems as a team with our customers.
  • Well versed in application of both servo hydraulic, and all electric tables.
  • Fully integrated custom software that is written for the individual
  • One of the benefits of SHS is that we can react to the customers quickly; our turnaround time is one of the best in the industry.
  • We are very flexible, and our size allows us to deliver products promptly.