Servo Hydraulic Shake Table Components

We fully realize that servo hydraulic testing systems are not a one size fits all product. So we make the supporting system to best work within the customers budgets, as well as their surroundings.

Custom Hydraulic Power Supplies

Servo Hydraulic Solutions manufactures hydraulic power supplies (HPS) to meet any requirement, which are designed to provide extremely reliable, clean, stable and problem free hydraulic power. Our standard line of hydraulic power supplies includes our open frame modular pump room units, our low noise QuietPak®, and our high pressure HPS line. All these products offer the highest quality of workmanship, providing years of trouble-free performance.

Custom Electronics and Signal Conditioners

Many times people have asked themselves, how are we going to control this system. We offer a range of custom electronic control systems that are not based on a specific application, but more on the idea of using analog electronics to blend with digital electronics to make motion control. Not specific control of a certain machine. Our engineers have the ability and experience to say “yes, it’s going to take some work, but we can do it”.

Also, since we are the people designing the control electronics in the analog world, we have a direct connection to the people that are designing the digital control system as well.

High Performance Actuators

The GS Series double-ended actuators have equal areas for tensile and compressive loading, making them linear as the dynamic test load transitions through zero. Every part of the actuator is carefully examined to make sure all the stresses are kept low enough to allow infinite life.

These Actuators feature hydrostatic bearings in their end-caps, which support the piston rod with very low friction, and prevent the rod from galling under high side loads. The GS Series Actuators also feature bronze back-up bearings to protect the rod if the hydraulic bearing fails for any reason.

GS Series Actuators are typically used in structural test applications where the load is bi-directional, dynamic, and where the actuator is subjected to side load, or where low distortion due to friction is important. These actuators are the most expensive in our product line, and the most versatile.

Servo Hydraulic Solutions GS Series Actuators are fatigue rated, with a chrome plated one piece heat treated alloy piston rod. Hydraulic cushions in the end-caps prevent damage in the event of a runaway condition.

GS Series Actuators can be sized to meet your specific needs. We don’t have a standard stroke, or force rating, so we can be very flexible about the demand, and sizing.

Hydraulic Service Manifolds

Hydraulic Service Manifolds (HSM) are used to isolate the pump from the test stand, while providing accumulation and filtering. Separate filtered circuits are available for valve pilot and hydrostatic bearing pressures when needed. Multiple stations are also available, each with switchable low and high pressure solenoids, and pressure gauges for monitoring the output pressures. With the application of accumulators, relief valves, port control valves and check valves, a critically designed manifold block assures a clean and constant hydraulic supply for varied applications.

Servo Hydraulic Solutions manifolds have full flow 3 micron filtration for the main circuit, and where applicable, 3 micron full flow filtration for the servo valve pilot and hydrostatic bearing circuits. Fluid filtration protects components downstream from impurities in the hydraulic oil. This filtration is of the non-bypassing type. Many manufacturers use bypassing models to save cost, and let debris into the systems.

All manifolds have a slow pressure ramp when moving from OFF to LOW to HIGH pressure. This removes pressure pulses and protects your specimen and personnel from sudden load or displacement spikes. 24v solenoid operation means that the manifolds are fully compatible with other manufacturer’s controllers.

Earthquake Simulator

About Servo Hydraulic Systems

Led by Doug Weller, Servo Hydraulic Solutions in Boulder, Colorado uses commercial off-the-shelf components allowing a unique end product-be it an earthquake simulator, vibration testing system or earthquake shake table.

We listen to customers and propose ideas that support your individual needs. Our goal is for our customer to be heard and well taken care of. With nearly 20 years of installation experience and testing, we offer solutions that better fit our customer’s needs. We also provide remote services in the US and abroad.

If you have a current system that is not fully functioning, Servo Hydraulic Solutions can troubleshoot and add computer interfaces bringing the old system back to life. Analog systems may need updating. With our experience and wealth of knowledge, we are confident working on existing shake tables.

We utilize local labor and materials more than most companies. It is our opinion that this increases the quality of the product as local workmen have a sense of responsibility to the project. We firmly believe that when local professionals are used, those skills to maintain your system stay with you, thus avoiding unnecessary service calls. We want to save you money when possible.