Servo Hydraulic Shake Tables

We build custom servo hydraulics, or electric shake tables to our customers needs. Our greatest skill is matching what is needed to what can be done. We use our many years of experience installing shake tables around the world to deliver the best product we can.

Servo Hydraulic Shake Tables

For testing of large and high mass payloads, Servo Hydraulic Solutions supplies 1-, 2-, 3-, or 6-axes servo hydraulic shake tables, hydraulic power supplies, digital control systems, instrumentation, and data-acquisition systems.

Universities and industries worldwide use Servo Hydraulic Solutions tables for simulation of vibration from earthquakes, shock, and automotive, rail and aircraft transportation.

These shake tables can be configured for both short-term tests or for durability testing and can be used to qualify equipment to such standards as IEEE-344, RIM testing, Bellcore GR-63, AC-156, and various DOT vibration standards.

Earthquake Simulator

Public Education Shake Tables

Public Education Shake tables are used by universities, science museums, emergency planning and education organizations, and other public education institutions to provide the public with the realistic experience of being in an earthquake. In conjunction with educational exhibits, videos, and lectures, these tables prepare the young and adults alike to better respond in an earthquake – with reduced fear, safer procedures and less surprise. A well-known educational precept is that the more senses one uses to learn about a subject, the better the lessons are learned. Experiencing the actual motions of an earthquake adds another dimension to the learning process. These lessons save lives.

In addition, these shake tables are also suitable for investigating certain engineering issues related to earthquake safety, such as the adequacy of wall attachments for book shelves and pictures, for suspended lighting or ceilings, or for the overturning of furniture or equipment.

One of our main governing philosophies is to match the needs of the customer to the best choice of Commercial Off-the-Shelf products. This allows our customers to have several options when it comes time to upgrade, or fix a broken system. If we take the extra time to do this, it benefits everyone.

About Servo Hydraulic Systems

Led by Doug Weller, Servo Hydraulic Solutions in Boulder, Colorado uses commercial off-the-shelf components allowing a unique end product-be it an earthquake simulator, vibration testing system or earthquake shake table.

We listen to customers and propose ideas that support your individual needs. Our goal is for our customer to be heard and well taken care of. With nearly 20 years of installation experience and testing, we offer solutions that better fit our customer’s needs. We also provide remote services in the US and abroad.

If you have a current system that is not fully functioning, Servo Hydraulic Solutions can troubleshoot and add computer interfaces bringing the old system back to life. Analog systems may need updating. With our experience and wealth of knowledge, we are confident working on existing shake tables.

We utilize local labor and materials more than most companies. It is our opinion that this increases the quality of the product as local workmen have a sense of responsibility to the project. We firmly believe that when local professionals are used, those skills to maintain your system stay with you, thus avoiding unnecessary service calls. We want to save you money when possible.