Servo Hydraulic Testing Systems

We have the experience to expand our servo hydraulic testing systems from not only shake tables, but to the needed parts that other labs might require. The general ideas are the same, but the applications of the shake table technologies we have designed, are very well suited to other types of systems.

Pseudo Dynamic Testing Systems

Computer-controlled servo-hydraulic multi-actuator testing systems enable fatigue testing, quasi-static testing, and Pseudo-Dynamic Testing (PDT). In PDT, large-scale structures are attached to a strong floor, wall, or reaction frame and excited slowly at low frequencies using multiple actuators. A PC-based digital controller measures and manages the force and displacement of each actuator.

Unlike traditional shake tables, PDT calculates theoretical inertial forces internally, simulating actual dynamic events like earthquakes. This method exposes structures to realistic forces, strains, and displacements without requiring expensive hydraulic power systems, large shake tables, or high-flow servo valves.

Triaxial Rock Testing Machines

Servo Hydraulic Solutions manufactures Triaxial Rock Testing Machines tailored to specific needs. These machines replicate downhole conditions or sub-surface strata, with modular design options to add additional axes as necessary. Our custom software accommodates various test types, and we specialize in above and below ambient temperature testing of rock specimens.

Low Cost Single Ended Actuators

We’ve revamped our popular AN Series Actuators to offer a cost-effective solution for static low-cycle structural testing. These actuators feature unequal areas for tensile and compressive forces, making them ideal for unidirectional load applications. With a compact size and fatigue-rated design, they are more affordable than double-ended actuators and can accommodate long stroke lengths.

Servo Hydraulic Solutions’ AN Series Actuators boast a chrome-plated heat-treated alloy piston rod and high-integrity polymer bearings for durability. They are designed for easy maintenance, with a removable seal and bearing system that allows for simple field replacement by technicians using our repair kit, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

AN Series Actuators are customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Doug is always there to give best advice on any matter related to seismic simulators, electrical or servo-hydraulic. His knowledge on all such systems is deep and he’s capable of combining the fittest to meet the required solutions in a short time.


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About Servo Hydraulic Systems

Led by Doug Weller, Servo Hydraulic Solutions in Boulder, Colorado specializes in custom earthquake simulators, vibration testing systems, and shake tables using commercial off-the-shelf components.

We prioritize customer input and tailor solutions to individual needs, with nearly 20 years of experience in installation and testing. We offer remote services nationally and internationally.

If your current system needs troubleshooting or upgrades, we can revitalize it with computer interfaces and updates, leveraging our expertise with analog systems.

We emphasize local labor and materials for higher-quality results and reduced service calls, ultimately aiming to save our customers money.