Servo Hydraulic Testing Systems

We have the experience to expand our servo hydraulic testing systems from not only shake tables, but to the needed parts that other labs might require. The general ideas are the same, but the applications of the shake table technologies we have designed, are very well suited to other types of systems.

Pseudo Dynamic Testing Systems

Computer controlled servo-hydraulic multi-actuator testing systems allow for fatigue testing, quasi static testing including Pseudo-Dynamic Testing (PDT). In Pseuo-Dynamic Testing a large scale test structure is attached to a strong floor, strong wall, and/or reaction frame and excited slowly at low frequencies with multiple actuators. A PC-based digital controller measures and controls the force and displacement of each actuator. Fatigue testing and basic quasi static testing use open loop control to drive the actuators with a pre-programmed time history or block cycle.

During PDT the controller internally computes the theoretical inertial forces that would exist in the true dynamic event such as an earthquake. Hence, PDT can slowly expose a structure to the forces, strains, and displacements that would actually occur during a dynamic event. The advantage over a shake table is the ability to test much larger structures, without requiring large and more expensive hydraulic power systems, shake tables, and actuators with high flow servo valves.

Triaxial Rock Testing Machines

Servo Hydraulic Solutions manufactures Triaxial Rock Testing Machines to meet any requirement. These machines mimic the down hole conditions of a drill hole, or the sub-surface strata. We can design the machines to be modular, and add the others axes as needed/required. Our custom software is designed to meet any kind of test the operator can invent. We are also one of the few companies that offer above and below ambient temperature testing of the rock specimens.

Low Cost Single Ended Actuators

We have completely re-engineered our very popular AN Series Actuators to provide you with a value-engineered fatigue rated actuator that is ideally suited for static low-cycle structural testing.

AN Series Actuators have an unequal area for tensile and compressive forces, and are typically used in applications where the load is unidirectional (does not span zero). They are more cost effective than equivalent double ended actuators, and their compact size means that they can be easily built with long stroke lengths.

Servo Hydraulic Solutions AN Series Actuators are fatigue rated, with a chrome plated heat treated alloy piston rod and high integrity polymer bearings. They are also designed for ease of maintenance with a removable seal and bearing system. Seals and bearings can easily be replaced in the field by your own technicians, using our reasonably priced repair kit, reducing the cost of maintenance, and minimizing downtime.

AN Series Actuators can be sized to meet your specific needs.

Doug is always there to give best advice on any matter related to seismic simulators, electrical or servo-hydraulic. His knowledge on all such systems is deep and he’s capable of combining the fittest to meet the required solutions in a short time.

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Earthquake Simulator

About Servo Hydraulic Systems

Led by Doug Weller, Servo Hydraulic Solutions in Boulder, Colorado uses commercial off-the-shelf components allowing a unique end product-be it an earthquake simulator, vibration testing system or earthquake shake table.

We listen to customers and propose ideas that support your individual needs. Our goal is for our customer to be heard and well taken care of. With nearly 20 years of installation experience and testing, we offer solutions that better fit our customer’s needs. We also provide remote services in the US and abroad.

If you have a current system that is not fully functioning, Servo Hydraulic Solutions can troubleshoot and add computer interfaces bringing the old system back to life. Analog systems may need updating. With our experience and wealth of knowledge, we are confident working on existing shake tables.

We utilize local labor and materials more than most companies. It is our opinion that this increases the quality of the product as local workmen have a sense of responsibility to the project. We firmly believe that when local professionals are used, those skills to maintain your system stay with you, thus avoiding unnecessary service calls. We want to save you money when possible.